Plot Threads

1. The Patients:
- There’s a strange woman named Isabella who wants special medication to treat a bunch of delusional patients, but won’t divulge who or why or for what specifically.
- Steffan is obsessed with finding out who Isabella is.
- Dáyù is waiting for her tail to report back on Isabella’s lackey.
- Dáyù is going to owe the woman a favor involving the Lotus.
- The Lotus paid the bail for a hire-a-thug Isabella employed, and it bribed a cop, both of which might be useful in the future.

2. The Break-In:
- Dilar wants to know who ransacked her home, who hired them, and why.
- It might relate to her secret ownership of the Blooming Lotus, or to the special medication Mr Wǔ secretly developed for her schizophrenic sister.
- Dilar knows Griff knows something about the break-in, but he’s not telling.
- Griff is secretly a political assassin. He works with the ransackers, and has offered to cozy up to Dilar to manipulate her into position for the next time.

3. The Murders:
- Someone is killing seemingly-random nobodies, gruesomely.
- Steffan has also become obsessed with this.
- Dáyù is concerned the murders will disproportionately target her people. She’s already lost one informant to it.
- The murderer was in contact quite some time ago with unusually-processed white jade.
- Mr Wǔ is also working with a special white jade process.
- Griff is around white jade a lot, as well, but of a more common variety.
- Steffan learned about the white jade residue from his smuggling contacts. Griff’s union handles most of the airship smuggling. They have certainly worked together before.

4. The Process:
- Mr Wǔ’s team can’t replicate the white jade process, although Mr Wǔ knows it can work.
- Mr Wǔ and Dilar are trying to relocate his team to her compound, where they assume they’ll be safe.
- Mr Wǔ used to be an alchemist, but is now an engineer. (Kevin thinks he’s still an alchemist.)
- Remote-piloted drones are becoming more prevalent in Kausao than most people realize.
- Mr Wǔ put a lotus on his front door as a signal to someone.
- The Python Mining Company knows the white jade process exists, but believes the all records of it were destroyed. If they find out it hasn’t, they’ll undoubtedly look to assassinate everyone involved.
- Although the Assassins’ Guild would probably refuse the case (since Mr Wǔ isn’t rich), his formula would do quite a bit of damage to their legitimate cover business. (If white jade is so cheap, everyone could afford to own their own airship and transport their own goods.)
- Python Mining is a subsidiary of the Four Winds Trading Co., an Aerish corporation that provides the vast majority of business for the Airship Stevedore’s Union.
- Aerum relies heavily on white jade for both its technology and its economy. Kaiyu does, too, to a lesser extent.

Plot Threads

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