Second Session

Notes from 2016-09-10 session (2nd) from Phil:

overview – reminiscent of Hong Kong with a lot of colonial presence, lots of jade deposits were discovered in the bay (like lots of black jade), all four great nations have a presence in the city, settlements grew together into a city and a governing council was established to ensure general order, vigilance committees trying to keep order separate from the council but also corrupt probably, Gov13 has held onto the position for 20 years longer than he should

Stefan and Daiyu – offered Daiyu a position as his muscle, she’s not personally interested in getting involved just wants to watch and defend Stefan

Side note – Wu the Alchemist is located just north of the west tower, he’s mostly been surrounded by academics or major political figures, he’s trying to streamline/eliminate the need for white jade through a hugely efficient processing method, contemplating getting himself and his team out of the city, has an established professional relationship with Dilar (he knows her secret and helped her develop her potion)

There are some major mining companies – Python Mining Corporation (Four Winds Trading Company – Aerum), the Daiyu Corporation, Shaio, Yestes Mines, and Kinzokai

The Blooming Lotus
- Just A ‘Club’
- Where No One Speaks Your Name
- With A Higher Class Of Scum And Villainy

Wu the Alchemist arranged to meet with Dilar at the Blooming Lotus

Back to the interrogation – Stefan compels himself Laws Are Not Boundaries To Justice

Stefan gives initiative to goon

Goon establishes Made Some Enemies That Could Come Looking <x>

Stefan is trying to intimidate the goon and not doing great until Daiyu twists his arm
- Willing to Talk

Who Do You Work For? He’s like a day laborer from Thug Depot, he agrees to let us follow him to his payment

Knock on the door, Hamza takes care of it

Daiyu discovers the cops are bribeable, we super bribe the cops, we intend to follow the goon to his payment

Back to Dilar who leaves her sacked apartment to go to her meeting with Wu the Alchemist at the Blooming Lotus

Everyone shows up at the inn at the same time

Stefan checks in with Hamza on what he should do

Hamza – General Manager of the Blooming Lotus

Need – Some Day My Family Honor Will Be Restored

Dilar and Wu the Alchemist are having their conversation in a dark corner – gets into the chemical nature of jade and his findings

Wu the Alchemist reveals he has a team of five who are the only ones aware, as far as he knows

Dilar offers to talk to some people about helping him get himself and his team out of the city, asks for a week to think on this further, Dilar can tell he’s hiding something

Wu the Alchemist goes home on a rickshaw, followed by Griff at Dilar’s behest

Someone runs in the club announcing a murder, Hamza sends a busboy to learn more, it’s some local who was brutally murdered

Dilar goes back to her apartment to check on ransacking

Daiyu and Stefan follow skippy the thug

Secret aspect invoked about Isabella – No One Must Know That I…

Someone else shows up to pay, Daiyu leaves but agrees to meet him later, Stefan follows them to where they live

Back to Dilar and Griff – Jenn rolls poorly twice, succeeds at cost – they were professionals
who left a mess to send a message, they left out the window suggesting an airship escape, looks like the work of in-house staff from one of the bigger corporations, Griff suspects (quietly) it might be his own guild, she can’t discern it except she succeeds at a cost (again), but she figures they’ll be back and they know that she’s Madam Lotus, she makes a statement to the cops and goes home

Griff later goes back to work to check on his suspicions that they actually ransacked Dilar’s
apartment, he suspects who did the job and thinks it was sloppy work, he gets confirmation and approaches the culprit, he thinks they halfassed the job because of time, he suggests they can clue him in and he can time things better so they don’t have to be sloppy

Next day – Reports about that person who got murdered, very violent nothing stolen no suspects, Griff’s guide has a suspect for said murder

Wu the Alchemist goes back to work, plays normal

Dilar drops hints that she is looking for a way to get Wu the Alchemist out of the city

Daiyu knew the guy who was murdered, he was a street vendor and informant, she tracks down the guy to learn about Isabella, leans on servants to discover she Works Near the West Tower

Wu the Alchemist – he hangs a lotus on his door to send a message to someone else, one of his leads comes to his room and he asks them about the research and they say it won’t work, he knows it’s possible but his team thinks they’re trying to discover it, company that originally discovered it tried to destroy it, but it got sent to another company instead and that’s how it got to Wu the Alchemist

Griff – learns that Yamada Keiko was apprehended by his vigilance committee for killing the
dude, she works at the deli, she’s a member of an opposing vigilance committee

There is another murder this evening in another neighborhood (Three Corners), similar
socio-economic profile, lower middle class, no blatant ethnic connection, murder itself is
almost identical

Stefan – investigating said murder with an excellent roll, both bodies have trace amounts of white jade residue, evidence points to it having been on the perpetrator, its most recent exposure was old, the treatment is not the same as the fuel treatment, consistent with perception alteration but not the recreational type

Wu the Alchemist thinks the compound is oddly familiar but he isn’t sure

Notes from Brian:

Jumping back to the afternoon at the Blooming Lotus, Dáyù accepts a job from Steffan. He attempts to intimidate the thug, but it’s Dáyù’s glare that gets him to talk: He was hired that morning when Isabella dropped by his “place of business”, and he’s headed to a prearranged location to pick up his payment later that evening. That’s all he knows. At that point, the police bang on the back door, looking to arrest the thug, but Dáyù indicates to Steffan that the lead officer is bribable. Steffan pays the thug’s bail—and a bonus to the officer—out of the Lotus’ petty cash. The cops depart, slightly richer and drunker.

It’s now night. Steffan and Dáyù follow the thug back to the meeting place, but another lackey makes the payment. Dáyù departs on personal business; Steffan tracks the lackey back to a tenement.

After discovering the break-in, Dilar pays Griff to chauffeur her to the Lotus for a meeting with her long-time acquaintance, Túyàngan scientist Wǔ Míngshù, formerly an alchemist, now an engineer with Hawthorne Droneworks. Mr Wǔ passes her a folder with a report on a refining process for white jade that many powerful organizations (and at least one nation) would kill to keep secret. (The process was originally discovered by Python Mining, a powerful Aerish corporation who thought they had destroyed all record of it. It would devalue white jade almost completely, causing immeasurable losses of profits.) Dilar convinces him not to destroy it, but is unable to convince him to hand it over for “safekeeping”. He asks her to pull strings to relocate him and his team to safety. Dilar pays Griff to make sure Mr Wǔ gets home safely. (While they are gone, a man is gruesomely murdered next to the nearby airship tower, within the Airship Stevedore Union’s jurisdiction.) When Griff returns to collect the Corran, Dilar pays him to help her search her flat. Dilar can tell he knows something, but he keeps it to himself. She sends him to hail a cop so she can make a statement.

Later that evening, Griff returns to the Airship Stevedores’ Union Hall, a front for a revolutionary assassins’ guild bent on toppling the rich. Confirming who pulled the Hanania job, he tells them he’s been working for her all evening. He’s built a rapport with her, and he can either keep her busy, or deliver her to a specific time and place.

On her way to the Lotus the next morning, Dáyù learns that the murder victim was one of her reliable informants, a food stall vendor. At the Hall, Griff overhears that the Union is blaming a political enemy for the murder. Steffan sends Dáyù to investigate the lackey from the previous night; she barters use of the Lotus’ potions to one of his neighbors to tail him. While she is out, there is a second murder with the same, gruesome M.O. Through his smuggling contacts, Steffan learns the murderer left behind depleted white jade, treated with an unusual process, although the killer hasn’t been in contact with it for a while.

Making the morning society rounds, Dilar drops hints that she’s looking to rent lab space at her mansion to a scientific team. Meanwhile, Mr Wǔ leaves for work, acting like everything is normal—except, he pauses to hang a lotus blossom outside the front door of his building. At his office, a member of his team informs him that the white jade process simply doesn’t work.

First Session

Jenn notes:
There was a woman who came into the club to get the secret formula for a large population of people. Chris’ character said he needed more info and she huffed off. He followed her and got into a fight with goons. He was aided by Phil’s character.

Brian notes:
In the middle-class neighborhood of Terminal Strip, where the territories of three of the four nations meet, the Blooming Lotus opium den sits in the shadow of the westernmost airship tower. Aerum Steffan Gilios, one of the Lotus’ shift supervisors, is approached by an Aerish woman named Isabelle, clearly out of her element. She requests a special medicine to treat mental illness. By order of Madame Lotus herself, customers requesting such services must be “assessed” by the apothecary. Isabelle reveals that the patients she represents are delusional, stressed, and suffering from an under-studied illness, but she is unable to divulge more. With neither side willing to compromise, the deal falls through. Steffan attempts to track Isabelle through the crowded streets, but is caught by Isabelle’s bodyguards.

Emerging from a nearby shop, Kaiyu/Tuyang servant Chen Daiyu sees the confrontation brewing. Not liking the odds, she glances around for police. Spotting none, she launches herself at the goons, knocking one to the ground; the second goon surrenders. Steffan realizes too late that the surrender was only a distraction to allow Isabelle and the other guard to escape. Steffan promises Daiyu compensation if she will accompany him and his prisoner back to the Lotus. Daiyu makes it clear she’s only following him to satisfy her

That night, Naramel heiress Dilar Hanania is escorted from a society function in the hills to her apartment near the Low Port by her hired chauffeur for the evening, Aerum airship captain Griff Lewelling. Noticing something amiss, she pays him to wait. Inside, she finds her study ransacked. Outside, Griff hears nothing but a string of invectives.

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